Repair Windows 10 or 11 Using Command Prompt 5 Ways

Once installed, we recommend you set up Windows as intended however, start with a local account. If background options show up in your local account you can start using your Microsoft account as needed. You can also try repairing your Windows image to see if that enables background app permissions for you. Close the registry editor and restart your PC. Background options should now be enabled and in your control on your PC. Once done, restart your PC for good measure and background app options should now be available in the Settings app.

It works by allowing Windows components to be updated (or “patched”) while they are still in use by a running process. Hotpatch-enabled update packages are installed via the same methods as traditional update packages, and will not trigger a system reboot. Windows Presentation Foundation is a user interface subsystem and framework based vector graphics, which makes use of 3D computer graphics hardware and Direct3D technologies. It provides the foundation for building applications and blending application UI, documents, and media content.

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Press Enter on your keyboard and the tool will scan to check all the files are correct. Once done, your Start menu should work again. If this happens when using Windows 11, try restarting your PC. With the Start menu out of action, you can do this by switching to the Windows 11 desktop by pressing the Windows Key + D on your keyboard, then pressing Alt + F4. A window will appear and you can select ‘Restart’ and click ‘OK’. If you’re encountering problems installing Windows 11 via Windows 10’s update tool, don’t panic.

  • Also, check if gaming mode is enabled or if the windows key is disabled.
  • If you have external storage devices attached to your PC, you’ll want to “safely remove them” so they can’t impact or interfere with repairs.
  • Several system issues result due to problems with your memory.
  • Choose the system test appropriate for a hard drive, typically listed as “disk read verify” or similar.

The newest problem allows an attacker to hijack systems running Word 2003, Symantec said in an alert Tuesday. The company has advised people to make sure their security software is up to date and urges caution when opening Word documents. Security firm has uncovered two bugs that, if exploited, could crash phones and other devices running Microsoft’s Windows Mobile software. Vista crashed on initial boot up, then tried to recover but the crash was terminal.

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With a backup ready, you can access your critical files and folder at all times, regardless of boot errors. In Safe Mode, you can uninstall device drivers, roll back Windows 10 updates, remove viruses, and more. To be able to access your Windows partition from rescue mode, or whatever method you can use to confirm your information is not destroyed yet. Your Windows installation must be there, without damage that is beyond repair. This command will attempt to write a new boot sector on the hard disk if Windows detects damage. Usually, this happens in cases where an older version of Windows was installed, api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll Download & how to fix it if it’s missing or a non-compatible operating system such as Linux was installed.

Method 1. Install via Windows Update

After chkdsk finishes with a scan, the utility displays a summary of what was found and a status of what if any actions were performed. Below is a summary result of a disk scan that found no errors. After the Stage 4 scan, the utility then runs a “Stage 5” scan of the partition and looks for bad free clusters on the disk. Once this scan completes, the utility displays how many free clusters were processed and the status of the scan. Anytime Windows shuts down abnormally or has a system crash, it can cause corruption.

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